31 May 2010

Travel Quest.

The Great Smokey mountains, Asheville. Where the trees speak colors through and through the mountains. 


Bryson City, North Carolina. This cute bus reminded me of my School times and for some reason they have fixed the bus like a monumental time traveller, I don't know the real reason why this bus is made to stand like the way it is???? very cute ain't it?

 Shiva Temple near Vellore, Tamil Nadu.. The rudimentary rock pillar was set there to know the timing some 13th century backwards, as sun rises the stick that is kept on the  pillar will cast it's shadow on the corresponding markings presenting the exact time of the day, believe me I checked it and it was damn accurate.

Coolidge park, Chattanooga. "Bag-piper" it was wonderful to hear the melody out of this instrument, the solitary reaper was blowing his breathe into this magic pipe for his personal pleasure and I was happy to steal his symphony.

White water rafting in Nantahala, North Carolina. An awesome sight the combination of the fun, water and the excitement with thrill accompanied on the faces of the rafters was sheer cherished pleasure.

post made for Blogadda Travel Photos Contest.

its for one who wants to remain in their own world

The lost world
its for one who wants to remain in their own world


subu.ps said...

nice photos vani. All the best for the contest.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images. The last shot is amazing.
All the best.

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Vivek said...

Hey Nice pictures, my favorite- Great Smoky mountains, Asheville!! Good Luck for the contest.

Aaarti said...

Lovely pictures... :)

Swaram said...

Nice pics. My fav is the last one :)
Gud luck :)

Indli said...

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sushobhan roy said...

Awesome pics vani..:)
The last one is absolutely breathtaking..:)

All the best for the contest..

Anyways that bus reminded me of my school days too..:)

JoshiMukard said...


A good blend of pics. Great selection.

vani said...

@subu.ps: Thanks muchly for your wishes.

@Rajesh: Thanks verily!

@vivek: Yes the colors were remarkable..Thanks for your kindness.

@Aaarti: Thanks dear.

@Swaram: Thanks to you, looks like the last pic takes all the vote :).

vani said...

@roy: Thanking you dearly, Cute bus ain't it?

@Joshi: Thanks for al your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Nice Shots there :) Loved the bus! haha!

vani said...

@photoinspire- thanking you dearly.