05 June 2010

I' sCream Time

White truck that wails  like a happy ambulance all evening in summer, kids from every lot scream scream to stop the screaming truck to deliver them what they dictate choosing the flavors to flaunt from the doors; hopping away with their very own ice cream clutched in hands, Wonderful sight so dearly; merrily races my heart.

02 June 2010


Immanency tucked in aggression
Needling love in unison
Dabbing Ahimsa in diversion
Inducing moral in tradition
Alluring India in perfection

Acrostic Only.

Funny Money

Falsifying the baited smile
Unto the street vendor
Nesting foxy shrewd veil
Neat Acting was all
Yielding foul game intended

Making most with dimpler
Ord funny money like
New flashy pound paid
Every merchandise; deceiving the
Yearning eyed poor seller

Acrostic Only.