02 June 2010

Funny Money

Falsifying the baited smile
Unto the street vendor
Nesting foxy shrewd veil
Neat Acting was all
Yielding foul game intended

Making most with dimpler
Ord funny money like
New flashy pound paid
Every merchandise; deceiving the
Yearning eyed poor seller

Acrostic Only.


Saras said...

That is very good one Vani! Nice Acrostic.

Amias said...

A very unique view of funny money, you have a gift, I dare for this style of expression.

vani said...

@Amias - Awwwh thanks thanks Iam already bragging to my husband :) LOL!

nandini said...

Nice poem... tells an interesting story here... leaves you wanting more.

Poornima said...

Nicely said...