26 May 2010

My Supercilious "Tea"Bud.

    Picked this magic wand some two weeks back, while accompanying my husband for his Cricket Tournament 'Vibha' held in Atlanta, I instantly fell in love with my new tea infuser; regretting I was making Tea  for almost a year now; without this cute ally.... Where were you all these days ?, Oh! I have no words to express my feelings on how wonderful this chum works its way in making my cup of tea.

   *All I have to do is open its mouth feed it with little (very little) tea dust.
   *Let it drown in the milk of ecstasy to steep in its magic in less than 2 minutes..

best part is you can use the same for upto 3-4 cups - what a blessing.

                 saving me the trouble to strain the loose tea and all the wiping, tapping and scrubbing- you know what Iam talking about.

Now, I highly recommend this product, for anyone who loves tea and without this bud you are not savoring the tea making enjoyment in full.

btw my husband's team ended  runners up among 45+ teams of Indians who live in US, yes, he did his bit -some out of grounds 'sixes' and few 'fours' making me the proudest of wives there.

FYI - VIBHA is a welfare organisation which targets in the upbringing of slum children in India offering various treatments and benefits, donating about $40,000/per year to India by conducting cricket tournaments and rallys in the United States.


sushobhan roy said...

Hey that tea bud looks cute and I guess it takes the tea preparation thing to a different level altogether going by your post.. :)

Anyway hats off to VIBHA.. We need more such organizations

vani said...

thanks verily fella, i know Indians should be Indians where ever they go n be...

Saras said...

I could smell the Aroma while reading your post Vani! Good one.

JoshiMukard said...

Hi vani, good post. By the way, can you leave a 'subscribe by email box' in your blog? I think you will get some readers this way, including me.

seema said...

Wow! although I am not a tea drinker and neither is my husband... that thing does look cute... and going by your words must be a taking your cuppa to a different level... and congratulations on your hubby's accomplishment and Good work VIBHA...:)

vani said...

@Saras: Are you a tea fan too?

@Joshi: Iam working on it, soon wil do something special thanks to you.

@Seema: Yes seema, the infuser is marvellous, i will sure convey your wishes to my husband.