31 May 2010

Travel Quest.

The Great Smokey mountains, Asheville. Where the trees speak colors through and through the mountains. 


Bryson City, North Carolina. This cute bus reminded me of my School times and for some reason they have fixed the bus like a monumental time traveller, I don't know the real reason why this bus is made to stand like the way it is???? very cute ain't it?

 Shiva Temple near Vellore, Tamil Nadu.. The rudimentary rock pillar was set there to know the timing some 13th century backwards, as sun rises the stick that is kept on the  pillar will cast it's shadow on the corresponding markings presenting the exact time of the day, believe me I checked it and it was damn accurate.

Coolidge park, Chattanooga. "Bag-piper" it was wonderful to hear the melody out of this instrument, the solitary reaper was blowing his breathe into this magic pipe for his personal pleasure and I was happy to steal his symphony.

White water rafting in Nantahala, North Carolina. An awesome sight the combination of the fun, water and the excitement with thrill accompanied on the faces of the rafters was sheer cherished pleasure.

post made for Blogadda Travel Photos Contest.

its for one who wants to remain in their own world

The lost world
its for one who wants to remain in their own world

26 May 2010

My Supercilious "Tea"Bud.

    Picked this magic wand some two weeks back, while accompanying my husband for his Cricket Tournament 'Vibha' held in Atlanta, I instantly fell in love with my new tea infuser; regretting I was making Tea  for almost a year now; without this cute ally.... Where were you all these days ?, Oh! I have no words to express my feelings on how wonderful this chum works its way in making my cup of tea.

   *All I have to do is open its mouth feed it with little (very little) tea dust.
   *Let it drown in the milk of ecstasy to steep in its magic in less than 2 minutes..

best part is you can use the same for upto 3-4 cups - what a blessing.

                 saving me the trouble to strain the loose tea and all the wiping, tapping and scrubbing- you know what Iam talking about.

Now, I highly recommend this product, for anyone who loves tea and without this bud you are not savoring the tea making enjoyment in full.

btw my husband's team ended  runners up among 45+ teams of Indians who live in US, yes, he did his bit -some out of grounds 'sixes' and few 'fours' making me the proudest of wives there.

FYI - VIBHA is a welfare organisation which targets in the upbringing of slum children in India offering various treatments and benefits, donating about $40,000/per year to India by conducting cricket tournaments and rallys in the United States.

24 May 2010

Whack Therapy

Thanks to Blogadda for these lovely contests.

I have picked the below five instances not on random and it's not like iam always standing in the brink of anger ready to whack anybody on sight, these issues have affected me personally and I think such shouldn't happen to anybody and what better treatment could be there than this. I wish that the stolid and perverse nature of people changes for better co-existence.

  • "Compulsive border crossers" we have such parasites everywhere, in the friends circle or acquaintance/ neighbors they hardly know our names and the next thing you know is; they will be already bombarding you with super personal questions, like- 'when did you last mensturate' God how i wanted to throttle them,  3 solid whacks to them. 

  • Next comes our godly neighbor who would wait behind their doors; to smell the smells which aren't there from your house, the creek of your door, slightest rasp of the gate will invite their preposterous appearance only to scan us completely and grant us the permission to proceed for the day, they would do well in our intelligence bureau!!! 5 whacks to them.

  • I once heard an obnoxious lady saying  to her new daughter-in-law who was complaining about her husband  without knowing that she is ruffling the dirty water, MIL retorted - " you have to bear him, because he got married to you being a bachelor' Excuse me: was the girl married a few hundred times before this, lot of things said and nothing done about these omnipotent mother-in-laws. A whack at the right time will serve them good (as if we really need a reason to whack them).

  • 'A' rated theft in the world is to rob somebody else's hard work there is this boisterous hypocrites in every firm with their pea brains sitting in highest positions hoodwinking the subordinate sweats, how very convenient.., who/what is there to stop them excepting the conscience of their own which is never present. whack them solid they well deserve it.

  • You will find this special characters in community swimming pools, play area, gymnasium using the amenities to the maximum, these are again the kind hearted ones which will block the road not letting way for any ongoing vehicles, schooling never taught sharing to them..how about whacking them vigorously until they learn this lesson for next birth too.

                                If only WHACKS could change people........................

Shut the duck up

Shut the duck up

20 May 2010

Leaner, Meaner & Damner

High definition, plasma, LCD, 3D,stylish, thinner, bigger, sleeker; television has donned  all of it , For us to enjoy the following;

Mega serials              - "do not enter it may be flooded", majority of the Indian homemakers are hooked to these soap operas and the only job of these mega serials is to dehydrate them joining hands with summer.
  • Trait evoked: How to be totally wasted.

Cartoon channels    - "you might as well enroll your kids into some abusing class" recently i was watching a cartoon dubbed in tamil regional language and was shocked to listen to the words used by the animations, you definitely don want your kids to learn such language so soon.
  • Trait evoked: Art of snubbing and disrespect.

Reality shows            - "how about never?" ; reminds me of the saying 'reality is only an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol', because almost all the reality shows are already staged and scripted, reality shows are not actually in reality.
  • Trait evoked: Tips to make young adults out of your children

Talk shows                  - "I am already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth", with all the jabbering around us, i'd say these shows are sheer nonsense.
  • Trait evoked: Endurance

News channels           - "time to pop up some medication" perhaps, a Research Assistant will come handy to analyze the news being told which will always for sure be biased to the political parties which the channels belong. 
  • Trait evoked: Trust no one

Cultural events          - "source to gape at the inch loss/gain of the celebrities"
Republic Day, Mother's Day, Independence Day, Diwali(light festival) you name any special day there are variety of stereotyped star nights/ shows for you to pick.
  • Trait evoked: Who cares if you don't have brains as long as you have skin to show.

Music channels           - "More yapping than jiving" like adding to the yapping now they are giving away goodies to callers for requesting songs n 9/10 times what they choose is never played. No! I am not talking about the anchors hoooof ;0
  • Trait evoked: Obscenity is fashion

Commericals                - "yield to temptation it may not pass you again" the smart lot of the television industry; capitalizing the maximum carrot. Making us penny wise and dollar foolish.Indians are one of the serious shoppers in the world; now you know why.
  • Trait evoked: Empty your wallet generously.

             I have listed the above keeping in mind the channels that are featured in every (100%) home; willfully, omitting the paid channels.

1. shouldn't there be some regulatory body to gauge the language, type of shows, suitable hours of telecast ?

2. doesn't tv box have a direct influence on us or don't we have the right to ask for good things to watch once in a while ?

3. Ain't it pathetic that cartoon (dubbed in regional languages) are not safe for kids anymore?

4. What happened to ethics/ social responsibility / awareness ?

                                with all these and more television will remain an idiot box, a sucker over  and over and over again.       

17 May 2010


Lila never died, she is living with Sia's identity.

Lila kills Sia.

The reasons being, There is no practical reason why one of the three x husbands would try to kill Lila after knowing that she has gotten the virus and anyway gonna die soon,  as well according to the story they tried to kill her only because they were not able to put up with her so separation itself had satisfied the husbands. That eliminates them.

Sia the identical twin sister, the prescribed story stands alone without Sia being a character in it. The purpose for creating Sia is for Lila to swap her identity and to inherit the property in full possibly.

The party was just to bring all the characters in one place so that the authorities will have a handful of suspects.

My Creation -

I have 'G' and Lila as lovers. Since Lila and Sia share the inheritance if Sia dies Lila will automatically become the soul heir of the entire property. Money is the motive, G and lila planned to kill Sia. To execute the plan a stage was required which was the party that explains the 'suitable penitent' behaviour of G.The ploy of 'G' and Lila having the virus itself is fake, the public spat between these two was done just to publicize that they both have the virus so in the end nobody will suspect G for killing Lila. Also, Lila would have earned the sympathy of having killed with virus therefore no one would doubt on the possibility of Lila living in the guise of Sia. Lila successfully kills Sia in her house and bags the property and lives happily with 'G' ever after.

object from pringoo - http://www.pringoo.com/custom-designs/Snake7-cool~and~awesome~saying~and~design/did-14704/mid-3/ppid-79

for - blogadda (whodunnit)

15 May 2010

Blow a Fuse

Don't blow a fuse
We have no excuse
Thoughts that are obtuse
Tends world to confuse
Which makes me amuse

To see beyond race
Skin and color needs
Minds that are wise
Cease all deeds vice
Don't blow a fuse
Little time to lose

Water the soul nice
World peace will arise
Load the love missile
Use many smile device
Don't blow a fuse
Little time to lose

Humanity will alone strive
May  nations practice poise
For unity paves praise
Earth has no price
Don't blow a fuse
Blue Terra won't refuse

13 May 2010

Rise and Shine

Pansies tendered were infested
Tiny white mealy bugs
Sucked the tender alive
Alarmed soul beheld achingly
Cheery rudbeckia exchanged cajolingly
To rise and shine

12 May 2010


Aged belief lurking beneath
Actual fallacies there with
Repossessed impressions hunting above
Devouring central sides within

Essence remains thirsty tombs
Shaking off coat looms
Deeds if were pure
Thriving would endear ever

11 May 2010


Smiles amethyst paler glossy
Miles stretches scent gracie
Thy smell oils soothe
Soars up moods daily
Coloring my hair braidy

10 May 2010


I have been yours
Never without being amiss
All this little truce
Sounds so lamely aloof

Trick not working along
Break is only inevitable
Why lie play wild
Naivete worked far along

Don't reveal it yet
Bearing won't come easy
Taking now saves time
Cowardice behind all along

Why its always me
Just not this once
Sense the truth uncanny
We were never one

07 May 2010

My Everything.

This is a legacy of an unknown fighter my mother for all the beautiful reason she is. The most important ones that i have seen and noticed about my mother is her constant fights not to succumb to the domestic modules of typical south Indian family..

We are just two daughters to our mother I say 'just' because it's really the case; she knows nothing but 'us' .

This woman came from a family where it is not required for a girl to be educated; much less speak a word aloud in the men clouded society.
But she was very determined that nothing similar to her experience should happen to her girls she was driving us from all direction left right and centre to where we are now!

She was the first female liberation fighter i knew.

She was there for us; 'for all we wanted to do n never for what she wanted from us' giving us all the courage support and continuous prompting to reach heights in our lives.

We were the first two girls who rode bicycle, scooters and first in the family to obtain driving license for four wheelers, these were the simple achievements of my mom, she would be there with us every evening when we were so young, running along wit us to somehow see us pedal that cycle independently..Mom was a single warrior, she is a flower with burning zeal, a tiger with gentle feel.

I can still remember the pride bright in my mothers eye when we wave 'bye' off to school gallantly.

She structured, sculpted, built, nurtured us to battle the world which was mean to her.

Though my mother never went to school herself she was immaculately brilliant she understood lives better than books, she took seriously; how girls were treated in our society. She could not stop everything at once but she started arming her own kids; she made sure her kids wont be denied of anything that was there for men in our society.

Her selfless love, nonchalantly observing our bizarre study materials with so much love n admiration, her benevolence, such contented attitude with terrible dedication towards her only aim of getting to mold her children.She wouldn't let us move our finger at home she would do all the household chores by herself ; her daughters were the queens of her empire.

She doesn't understand a word we girls speak in English in front of her but we still speak cuz we know that's what makes her the happiest. My mother is the world's best cook. She protected us from diseases to demons, She is the best companion i could ever have, She gave us the freedom to speak our mind to be independent, to be self motivating.

I would like to gift heavens to my mother for all the patience and perseverance she had, sky for her unconditional love, oceans for her ever forgiving heart...Iam here in the other corner of the world after marriage unable to be with my mom but there is not a day without her.


You shoved the seas n mountains
To sow the best in me
U r nature's beauty
Nurturing deity

You are 'me'
I love u mom'me'
Mom you are tremendous!
This post goes to the blogadda contest. Coffee mug is the perfect gift to my mom.