07 May 2010

My Everything.

This is a legacy of an unknown fighter my mother for all the beautiful reason she is. The most important ones that i have seen and noticed about my mother is her constant fights not to succumb to the domestic modules of typical south Indian family..

We are just two daughters to our mother I say 'just' because it's really the case; she knows nothing but 'us' .

This woman came from a family where it is not required for a girl to be educated; much less speak a word aloud in the men clouded society.
But she was very determined that nothing similar to her experience should happen to her girls she was driving us from all direction left right and centre to where we are now!

She was the first female liberation fighter i knew.

She was there for us; 'for all we wanted to do n never for what she wanted from us' giving us all the courage support and continuous prompting to reach heights in our lives.

We were the first two girls who rode bicycle, scooters and first in the family to obtain driving license for four wheelers, these were the simple achievements of my mom, she would be there with us every evening when we were so young, running along wit us to somehow see us pedal that cycle independently..Mom was a single warrior, she is a flower with burning zeal, a tiger with gentle feel.

I can still remember the pride bright in my mothers eye when we wave 'bye' off to school gallantly.

She structured, sculpted, built, nurtured us to battle the world which was mean to her.

Though my mother never went to school herself she was immaculately brilliant she understood lives better than books, she took seriously; how girls were treated in our society. She could not stop everything at once but she started arming her own kids; she made sure her kids wont be denied of anything that was there for men in our society.

Her selfless love, nonchalantly observing our bizarre study materials with so much love n admiration, her benevolence, such contented attitude with terrible dedication towards her only aim of getting to mold her children.She wouldn't let us move our finger at home she would do all the household chores by herself ; her daughters were the queens of her empire.

She doesn't understand a word we girls speak in English in front of her but we still speak cuz we know that's what makes her the happiest. My mother is the world's best cook. She protected us from diseases to demons, She is the best companion i could ever have, She gave us the freedom to speak our mind to be independent, to be self motivating.

I would like to gift heavens to my mother for all the patience and perseverance she had, sky for her unconditional love, oceans for her ever forgiving heart...Iam here in the other corner of the world after marriage unable to be with my mom but there is not a day without her.


You shoved the seas n mountains
To sow the best in me
U r nature's beauty
Nurturing deity

You are 'me'
I love u mom'me'
Mom you are tremendous!
This post goes to the blogadda contest. Coffee mug is the perfect gift to my mom.


Mathu said...

hi vani

nice to stumble upon this article just before mothers day. keep writing so that ur thoughts would be expressed in a better way. but the background could have been more pleasant rather than color ful.

good day


vani said...

hi mathu, thanks for your comments, would definately work on it...cheers!

Joshi Mukard said...

An wonderful tribute to a wonderful mother from an wonderful daughter.

vani said...

@joshi- thanks so much, thats a tonic...happy bloggin.

Anonymous said...

Awhhh such sweet memories...
I could relate to this being from an indian society myself...n how my mom compromised on so many things to make me what i am today :)
Keep it up gurl !

vani said...

@songofsea - i know, moms were magical creatures..i am happy that u could relate too,,thanks :)