24 May 2010

Whack Therapy

Thanks to Blogadda for these lovely contests.

I have picked the below five instances not on random and it's not like iam always standing in the brink of anger ready to whack anybody on sight, these issues have affected me personally and I think such shouldn't happen to anybody and what better treatment could be there than this. I wish that the stolid and perverse nature of people changes for better co-existence.

  • "Compulsive border crossers" we have such parasites everywhere, in the friends circle or acquaintance/ neighbors they hardly know our names and the next thing you know is; they will be already bombarding you with super personal questions, like- 'when did you last mensturate' God how i wanted to throttle them,  3 solid whacks to them. 

  • Next comes our godly neighbor who would wait behind their doors; to smell the smells which aren't there from your house, the creek of your door, slightest rasp of the gate will invite their preposterous appearance only to scan us completely and grant us the permission to proceed for the day, they would do well in our intelligence bureau!!! 5 whacks to them.

  • I once heard an obnoxious lady saying  to her new daughter-in-law who was complaining about her husband  without knowing that she is ruffling the dirty water, MIL retorted - " you have to bear him, because he got married to you being a bachelor' Excuse me: was the girl married a few hundred times before this, lot of things said and nothing done about these omnipotent mother-in-laws. A whack at the right time will serve them good (as if we really need a reason to whack them).

  • 'A' rated theft in the world is to rob somebody else's hard work there is this boisterous hypocrites in every firm with their pea brains sitting in highest positions hoodwinking the subordinate sweats, how very convenient.., who/what is there to stop them excepting the conscience of their own which is never present. whack them solid they well deserve it.

  • You will find this special characters in community swimming pools, play area, gymnasium using the amenities to the maximum, these are again the kind hearted ones which will block the road not letting way for any ongoing vehicles, schooling never taught sharing to them..how about whacking them vigorously until they learn this lesson for next birth too.

                                If only WHACKS could change people........................

Shut the duck up

Shut the duck up


Pan said...

hilarious post...enjoyed reading it! :)

Mayank said...

While postin my entry fr 'whack' contest, came across urs.. i must admit, a very thoughtful post... we all hate nosy neighbrs n pea brained morons @ workplaces !

Good read.. cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Good one, Vani,
keep up the work girl...
you got it!

sushobhan roy said...

ROFL ..:) All these shud get a whack.. All the best for the contest

Btw every incident was wonderully narrated.. loved reading it

Mahesh Kalaal said...

When she was daughter in law , she thought her mother in law was at fault...Now, when she became a mother in law, she says that the fault is with her daughter in law......double standards.

vani said...

@pan - I am happy even i could make somebody laugh :)

vani said...

@mayank - Our society is full of such wonders, guess we are best at our tolerance level per se.

vani said...

@roy - thanks very much for your support continuously, you are a pound :)

@Mahesh - "double standards" is going to be always there, its all about how One handles it.

@deepa - thanks dear.