20 May 2010

Leaner, Meaner & Damner

High definition, plasma, LCD, 3D,stylish, thinner, bigger, sleeker; television has donned  all of it , For us to enjoy the following;

Mega serials              - "do not enter it may be flooded", majority of the Indian homemakers are hooked to these soap operas and the only job of these mega serials is to dehydrate them joining hands with summer.
  • Trait evoked: How to be totally wasted.

Cartoon channels    - "you might as well enroll your kids into some abusing class" recently i was watching a cartoon dubbed in tamil regional language and was shocked to listen to the words used by the animations, you definitely don want your kids to learn such language so soon.
  • Trait evoked: Art of snubbing and disrespect.

Reality shows            - "how about never?" ; reminds me of the saying 'reality is only an illusion that occurs due to lack of alcohol', because almost all the reality shows are already staged and scripted, reality shows are not actually in reality.
  • Trait evoked: Tips to make young adults out of your children

Talk shows                  - "I am already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth", with all the jabbering around us, i'd say these shows are sheer nonsense.
  • Trait evoked: Endurance

News channels           - "time to pop up some medication" perhaps, a Research Assistant will come handy to analyze the news being told which will always for sure be biased to the political parties which the channels belong. 
  • Trait evoked: Trust no one

Cultural events          - "source to gape at the inch loss/gain of the celebrities"
Republic Day, Mother's Day, Independence Day, Diwali(light festival) you name any special day there are variety of stereotyped star nights/ shows for you to pick.
  • Trait evoked: Who cares if you don't have brains as long as you have skin to show.

Music channels           - "More yapping than jiving" like adding to the yapping now they are giving away goodies to callers for requesting songs n 9/10 times what they choose is never played. No! I am not talking about the anchors hoooof ;0
  • Trait evoked: Obscenity is fashion

Commericals                - "yield to temptation it may not pass you again" the smart lot of the television industry; capitalizing the maximum carrot. Making us penny wise and dollar foolish.Indians are one of the serious shoppers in the world; now you know why.
  • Trait evoked: Empty your wallet generously.

             I have listed the above keeping in mind the channels that are featured in every (100%) home; willfully, omitting the paid channels.

1. shouldn't there be some regulatory body to gauge the language, type of shows, suitable hours of telecast ?

2. doesn't tv box have a direct influence on us or don't we have the right to ask for good things to watch once in a while ?

3. Ain't it pathetic that cartoon (dubbed in regional languages) are not safe for kids anymore?

4. What happened to ethics/ social responsibility / awareness ?

                                with all these and more television will remain an idiot box, a sucker over  and over and over again.       


Saras said...

I fully agree with you. The idiot box has lived up to its name! If you want your children to be well mannered, keep them miles away from it. The various reality and Soaps are really dishing out monotonous garbage.

vani said...

like the word "garbage" apt word for that matter; thanks so much for your valuable comment.