22 April 2010



My passion, fetish, obsession, addiction click click click vow!!! its an exceedingly smashin invention of mankind; photos elates you, makes you confident, encourages you, warns you; "my major stress buster", guess., photography releases more endorphins in me than any act i could imagine.You become instantly happy ; as if you were given a shot of heavenly potion brewed jus for you. Photos they record our life...how would my great grand children know how i looked, what i wore, where i went in my life.

Without photos, cant imagine how fast human development wheel wil be spinning, how do you reckon you can show your lineage without the images...ofcourse iam important i make a history without my consent; without me they wil miss an important link to the family tree there by missin a valuble evolutionary discovery ( don frown yet ) ? I have a point without photos the colour of my eyes, hair texture, complexion is not recorded accurately.. word of mouth is to be contaminated in the long run, ya: i can see you nod..i know its gettin complicated, its simple; photography is as important as gene coding is what iam tryin to say...may be; not in literal sense but sure when we think in terms of accuracy and marking your place in this world leavin your print , note: THE PRINT. Iam no Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Arundathi Roy, Sushmitha Sen for me to be remembered so iam goin to choose this simple media to leave my imprint at the max till my coffee table.

Lets take a tour to know the evolution of photography itself.

Starting from Chinese, Greek philosopher to Newton's contribution for optics, its only in 1800 Joesph Niepce achieved first photography followed by many updates but the remarkable one was by George Eastman he invents our flexible photographic film after say 7o years roughly. Iam goin to cal him the "Kodak man" then our Konica gives us pin point focus camera (1978) then in 1980 Sony came up wit the camcorder, photo cd by our kodak man again in 1990 remains as photo storing device till date.

Photography has been a part and parcel of our lives right from birdays to funeral ceremony (there are cases in my country were an individual expires and then the members of the family mulls that they don have a print of the deceased) n wedding to teen parties.
This darling of an invention made our once in a lifetime occassions vivid and memorable, Imagine we cant afford to get married twice (exceptions are always there) we want it to be coloured printed recorded for years to come (close your eyes think of your childhood pics) brings a smile aint it??? replace the thought with the album in your hand al of you huddle up together in a family get to gether or meetin up wit friends the memories reincarnated, your college day cutoffs, right hand watches those curled up hairs broad grins, your baby chair, parents displayin their 80 fashion costumes, bell bottoms, wide collars, broad belts.

I remember my father wearin a wall clock size wrist watch in my baby click ha ha ha wat fun man...most of my history classes were from my family album.. ewe

Some pics tells how close we were with certain people at some point of our life n how life jus rubbed it away from your memory....if not for that one Click........................,, only a faint glimpse of memory would have remained fossiled by our day today activities....

Our school uniforms, fancy dress constumes, how fast we grow n how time flys by...

competitions, our project work clicks, class group photos, our eyes would water everytime we see our farewell snaps, a picture wit a lovable teacher y not a wit a teacher terror too jus to be reminded of her.........my god iam so happy yuppie.

Pictures for me personally is not jus paper and ink it has life, emotions, the smile frozen forever, such intricate details woven in every pixel. Apart from passin my softcopy to my generation ( by softcopy i mean the DNA) i would meticulously pass my hardcopy of pictures too.

Now a little trick, it doesn take a lot to reinvent yourself i mean jus outlook wise; with a camera you can capture yourself in a different angles hell i have looked nice in lot of guesswork shots so why wait ....reinvent yourself...you wil surprise yourself take my word for it.

I don know if India wil be the next super power or if i wil achieve somethin or anythin solid in life yet i wil give somethin back from me to LIFE that wil be the recorded rendezvous between me and life in the form of pictures.

I can assure that photos and photo craze wil sure bring about a change in anybodys life..i have never been this happy writin about anythin, i enjoyed it...i would be delighted if one person will take photos n photography seriously after readin this.

so say "click" now.............."chick "No ! No no click........chick..!click, chick,..........cha ...CLICK.


seema said...

Oh! I have alway's loved photography... back in my teens upto I had my first born child (sana) would always go click click click (in your words) but I don't know where I lost it.... Thanks for reminding me of what I used to love doing once... Will surely revive it again....:)


magiceye said...

that was an interesting and informative post

vani said...

@magiceye- thanks! u r awesome.