02 June 2010


Immanency tucked in aggression
Needling love in unison
Dabbing Ahimsa in diversion
Inducing moral in tradition
Alluring India in perfection

Acrostic Only.


Saras said...

You have painted a beautiful and cute picture of INDIA! Well done, Vani.

sushobhan roy said...

wow! nice poem...:)

Amias said...

Welcome to acrostic only ... India is a country with a beautiful concept, but so lacking in humanity, but then again that is also so in America. Enjoyed your acrostic, it's well done.

vani said...

@saras - thanks so much!

@roy - Iam thankful!!!!

vani said...

@Amias - Thanks, you were so helpful I was bit hesitant about submitting this time, you gave me the courage!!!!