15 July 2010

Stolen Invitation.

Bygone are the days when we used receive to letters from our distant relatives/ friends, but this post is to appreciate a person unknown to me, remainder of the very few write lovers remaining around the globe.

We received the above letter from a cottage owner with whom we had bookings for the weekend vacation, guess what, it was not the usual confirmation letter giving us the billing details and other enquiry footnotes.

The letter was  personally drafted in hand welcoming us to the cottage for a pleasant stay, signed by the possessor....I was deeply surprised to receive a handwritten letter to a customer in this techie world, and smitten by the magic of personal touch by the words when put in with Ink; Ashamed at the same time that I was giving all excuses for not sending even the electronic mails to my friends.  

If a Service provider can write to his/her customers?

I made an owe to myself I will henceforth start writing again to my friends n dear ones.

Writing should never be consigned to oblivion. Don't you agree with me :-)

05 June 2010

I' sCream Time

White truck that wails  like a happy ambulance all evening in summer, kids from every lot scream scream to stop the screaming truck to deliver them what they dictate choosing the flavors to flaunt from the doors; hopping away with their very own ice cream clutched in hands, Wonderful sight so dearly; merrily races my heart.